Alumni Spotlights

Inspiring Success Stories from Our Graduates

Explore our engaging collection of video interviews showcasing the inspiring journeys and achievements of McIntire's esteemed alumni. Dive into their stories, gain insights from their experiences, and learn how their education paved the way for their success. 

Deb Wetherby (McIntire ’80)

Managing Partner, Wealth Manager and Shareholder at Wetherby Asset Management

Deb Wetherby reflects on the impact that the interconnections she’s made at the McIntire School and UVA have had in her life.

Glen Kacher (McIntire ’93)

CIO and Founder at Light Street Capital

Glen Kacher shares how the McIntire School helped launch his career and why he gives back to the School.

Alex Wu (McIntire ’07)

Founding Team Member at NEX

Alex Wu says the Commerce School empowered him to navigate the ever-changing world of technology, fostering collaboration and problem-solving skills essential for the tech industry trailblazer’s success in motion entertainment and computer vision applications.


Filmed: Oct. 2022

Carolyne Hilton (McIntire ’95)

Senior Corporate Counsel at JAS Worldwide

Carolyne Hilton describes what makes McIntire so invaluable to current students, recent graduates, and alumni alike.

Zane Homsi (McIntire ’19)

Product Manager at LinkedIn

Zane Homsi shares how a trip to the San Francisco Bay area as part of McIntire’s immersive Digital Safari course served as the catalyst for his thriving career at LinkedIn—and how the School’s unparalleled academic experiences, emphasis on clear communication, and ability to balance priorities set Commerce students apart.


Filmed: Oct. 2022

Andy Forch (McIntire ’07)

Co-Founder at Huckberry

Andy Forch looks back on founding Huckberry and capturing a spirit of adventure.

Melody Koh (McIntire '07)

Partner at NextView Ventures

Melody Koh shares how the business fundamentals that the Commerce School provides has benefited her throughout her career, as well as sound advice for current students and young business professionals alike.

Alex Triplett (McIntire ’04)

CFO/COO at Appfire

Alex Triplett details his former position as Global Head of Corporate Development and CFO at ION, how McIntire led him to it, and the reasons why it’s imperative to give back to the Comm School.

Matt Leonetti (McIntire ’97)

President of Physical Production at Lionsgate Motion Picture Group

Matt Leonetti says his McIntire coursework equipped him with financial acumen and business knowledge that helped him to stand out in the competitive film industry and gave him an edge when approaching deal making.


Filmed: Feb. 2022

Janet Joyce Arzt (McIntire ’07)

Founder and Managing Partner at Parere Advisory

Janet Joyce Arzt talks about McIntire’s strong and active alumni network.

Chat Razdan (McIntire ’05)

Founder and CEO at Care+Wear

Stressing the importance of McIntire alumni participation and support, Chat Razdan reveals the altruistic incentive for creating a company dedicated to fashionable accessories for cancer patients.

Scott Laporta (McIntire ’84)

CEO and Co-Owner at Sugarfina

Scott Laporta describes how the fundamental technical skills and broad business knowledge he gained from the McIntire School opened doors to a world of career opportunities and put him on the path to sweet success with luxury candy brand sugarfina.


Filmed: Feb. 2022

Taylor Montes de Oca (McIntire ’13)

Co-Founder and COO at CROSBY by Mollie Burch and Senior Manager at Bain and Company

Clothing line co-creator and Senior Manager at Bain & Company Taylor Montes de Oca reflects on McIntire’s practical and insightful coursework, explaining how McIntire prepared her for her careers.

Ryan Perry (M.S. in Commerce ’18)


Ryan Perry, following his passion for film and television production in Los Angeles, leveraged his creative mindset and unique blend of business skills honed at the McIntire School to pursue his dreams with confidence.


Filmed: Feb. 2022

Ryan Whitney (McIntire ’14)

Head of Operations at Faeth Therapuetics

Ryan Whitney reveals the strength of the Commerce School’s alumni network, along with the foundational business skills he acquired as a McIntire student, which has allowed him to transition seamlessly between careers and industries.


Filmed: Oct. 2022

Gregg Goldenberg (McIntire ’89)

Partner at The Ardent Companies

Gregg Goldenberg considers the influential coursework and the enduring importance of the relationships he formed while attending the School.

Marc Olsen (McIntire ’01)

CEO at Ivy Hill Health

Marc Olsen discusses McIntire’s rich diversity of course offerings that expose students to multiple levels of business and methodologies.